Student Sufferers

Diane Bloem

READ : Matthew 10:17-25

Students say, “She gives us too much homework! He has no idea how hard it is to learn this stuff. Teachers must think we’ve nothing to do but study. They ought to get a life.”

If only the students knew how their teachers struggled to learn, and to earn money to pay for education and credits to get the necessary degrees for the privilege of teaching students some of whom don’t want to exert any effort to learn!

Verse 24 of Matthew 10, “A student is not above his teacher,” is often used out of context to show the authority of teacher over student. However, Jesus said these words to teach that if He had to suffer, His students can expect to suffer also. It is part of learning and service. He encourages His followers to persevere, to become like their Teacher.

Teachers were once (and maybe still are) students. They know the long hours of self-denial needed to study and write papers and take tests. They also know the joy of reaching their educational goals.

Both teachers and students should appreciate each other’s struggle to learn and exercise self-discipline. A teacher who remembers his or her own painful learning experiences will be a more understanding and effective teacher. This applies to parents as they teach too. They are the most important teachers.


Dear Jesus, thank You for learning so You may understand and help us when Your teaching is hard for us to bear. Amen.