Professor Gamaliel

Diane Bloem

READ : Acts 5:29-42

Gamaliel was a famous teacher. History tells us that he made many wise interpretations of Hebrew Law. He was moderate and merciful. It was considered a great honor to study under him. Paul had that honor (Acts 22:3). When Peter boldly preached about Jesus and said that God’s authority was greater than that of the supreme court, the judges called for the death penalty. The honored Gamaliel cleared the courtroom, and gave wise counsel. He gave them a history lesson: “Small revolutions have come and gone. This group will fade away too unless it is from God. Then it cannot be stopped.”

God’s people today become upset by changes in culture and government. They fear governments and religions which seem to pose threats to the survival of the church. Some reactions are extreme. Some Christians “assassinate” people who seem to threaten traditional values. Some prepare for global war.

History reminds us that the Berlin Wall came down. The church in China flourished under Communism’s persecution. Economic depressions strengthen families and create appreciation for work. Terrorists’ acts and natural disasters unite people and make them turn to God. We need not fear. As the professor pointed out, God’s work is unstoppable. Let us be fervent as we send out the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Dear Lord, thank You for the assurance that You reign throughout history. Amen