Beyond Elementary

Diane Bloem

READ : Hebrews 5:11-14
Hebrews 6:1-3

At the end of each school year a student hopes to be promoted to the next grade level. Eventually elementary school is completed, then high school, and then, perhaps, advanced education. Each graduation is celebrated as a milestone on the path to maturity.

Why then, are some Christians content to remain in spiritual elementary school? They learn the basics so they can be saved, but they don’t want to be challenged to learn more to learn how to live holy lives. The writer of Hebrews cannot understand this attitude. He is frustrated by this lack of progress. How can these people distinguish between good and evil if they do not learn more?

He also warns churches to go beyond services which call people to repentance and salvation. They must also provide for advanced training in the Word. Believers must be able to recognize false teachings. They must be encouraged to live lives of loving service, to be peacemakers, to be generous, to be just and merciful.

If one does not want to grow and learn as a Christian, we should be as concerned as we would be if we had a child who refused to go beyond first grade. We must pray for the Holy Spirit to create in all of us a longing to learn. Graduation day is coming.


Holy Spirit, please work in believers of all ages, bringing them to spiritual maturity. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.