Turning From Darkness

Lee DeYoung

READ : Acts 26:9-19

l was one of Christianity’s most dangerous enemies when Jesus appeared to him on the Damascus road. By Saul’s own admission, he had imprisoned many saints, approved numerous executions, tried to force believers to blaspheme, and even traveled to foreign cities to persecute them. Yet Jesus not only redeemed this obsessed tormentor, but transformed rebellious Saul into the radiant evangelist Paul, who became the great apostle to the nations.

The Lord’s saving power remains vibrantly active throughout our world today eternally transforming millions of lives! Jesus accom plishes His saving purpose through the efforts of modern-day disci ples filled with His Spirit, empowered by fervent prayer.

Every day this month, millions of Christians will be participat ing in the global initiative “Praying Through the Window III” pledging to intercede for 125 unreached peoples (distinct ethnic groups) of the 10/40 Window (be sure to read the previous page). Please join in praying for each day’s list of peoples. Begin praying today for the unreached Malay world.

The same Jesus who dramatically turned Saul from darkness to light has promised to accomplish comparable miracles among individuals from every people on earth. You can play a key role in completing His great redemptive mission. What a privilege!


Jesus, may Your saving light shine today among the Malay, Acehnese, Komering, Minangkabau, and Rejang peoples. Amen.