Darkness Flees from Light

Lee DeYoung

READ : John 1:5
John 3:13-21

I sometimes marvel at the radical transformation light brings to a darkened place. Turn on an electrical switch at the doorway of an unlit room. Light quickly brings vivid color and shape to surround- ings which had remained hidden just moments before. Once a light source is present, no increased quantity of darkness can overcome its illuminating effect.

In today’s Scripture lesson, John eloquently uses this example to describe the fearful reaction of evil-doers against the light of Christ’s gospel. The wicked can only resist by either avoiding the light or by attacking its source. That kind of opposition to the light of truth is occurring in many places today, particularly in the 10/40 Window region which is the focus of this month’s worldwide prayer effort.

China is home to three of today’s four unreached ethnic groups: the Zhuang, Shan, and Black Tai peoples. (Our list also includes Thailand’s Thai people.)

For decades, many officials have fiercely opposed China’s flour ishing house church movement. Yet, the number of Chinese Christians has multiplied more than fifty-fold since 1950! But the gospel’s light remains largely unknown among many of China’s minority peoples, including the 17 million Zhuang. Most live in isolated rural areas but many can now listen to Words of HOPE radio broadcasts. A Zhuang version of the Jesus film is also available.


Lord, may Your light brighten all of Southeast Asia. Amen.