The God Who Does Not Live in Temples

Lee DeYoung

READ : Acts 17:22-27

My first glimpse of Calcutta’s Kali temple was unforgettable. I shivered the instant I beheld the shrine which houses the idol of Kali the Hindu goddess of death and destruction for whom Calcutta was named. Two Bengali believers who accompanied me later remarked that they’d felt the same eerie sensation precisely when I did. The Hindu pilgrims’ somber expressions and the oppressive aura surrounding the idol itself revealed to us a frightful demonic presence.

The apostle Paul may have reacted similarly when he observed the pagan idolatry of ancient Athens. But his reference to the altar “TO AN UNKNOWN GOD” was an inspired foundation for his testimony about the “God who made the world . . . and does not live in temples built by hands” (v. 24).

Pray that more of South Asia’s Indo-Iranian peoples will bow only to the Lord. Intercede for India’s Assamese and Oriya peoples, the Bengali of Bangladesh and India, as well as the Bihari of Nepal and India. Petition the Holy Spirit to deliver these nations from the false gods of Hinduism and Islam.

Next door to the Kali temple is the original home of Mother Teresa’s famous ministry of mercy to Calcutta’s dying, destitute poor. May vivid spiritual contrasts like that open hearts to the one true Lord who does not live in temples built by human hands.


Lord Jesus, may these peoples for whom You died commit their lives to serving You. Amen.