May All the Peoples You

Lee DeYoung

READ : Psalm 67:1-7

Psalm 67 is a beautiful prayer set to music. The psalmist’s mood seems warm and lively as he prophetically prays for the enlargement of God’s kingdom. After seeking for God’s people His grace and loving presence, the psalmist prays for the conversion of all peoples “that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations” (v. 2).

The psalmist inspires us to pray: “May the peoples praise you, O God; may all the peoples praise you” (v. 3). Only by following the one true Lord can the nations “be glad and sing for joy” (v. 4).

Please continue praying for South Asia’s Indo-European peoples, including the Hindko and Jats (of Pakistan and India) as well as the Maithil and Tharu (of India and Nepal).

Although the religious traditions vary among today’s list of peoples (the Hindko are Muslim while the other three are largely Hindu), each group tends to live in hard-to-reach rural areas. Petition the Father to make His face shine upon each one of them, redirecting their search for spiritual truth from pagan traditions to the salvation which comes only through Jesus Christ.

“Then the land will yield its harvest, and God, our God will bless us . . . and all the ends of the earth will fear him” (vv. 6- 7).


O Lord, we know that none of these nations is beyond the reach of Your love and power. Redeem them for Your glory! Amen.