Wise Men Find Him

Lee DeYoung

READ : Matthew 2:1-12

We typically confine our thinking about the Magi to the Christmas season. But their non-Jewish origins give us helpful insights into God’s plan for redeeming all nations. Although the Messiah was born as king of the Jews, few Israelites paid any attention to Him. The Magi, on the other hand, were Gentile pagans (perhaps astrologers from Persia or Arabia). Despite their possible involvement in occult practices, God was pleased to supernaturally honor their eagerness to worship Jesus.

Today we conclude our prayers for Turkic peoples by interceding for the Turks (of Turkey), the Azerbaijani (of Iran and Azerbaijan), Turkmen (of Turkmenistan, Iran and Afghanistan), and Iran’s Qashqa’i people. While the Magi might have come from some of the lands where these peoples dwell today, few people in that part of the world now understand the truth about Jesus Christ. Yet now, as then, the Lord still responds miraculously to those there who seek Him in spirit and in truth.

Several years ago, Words of HOPE’s Azerbaijani producer was jailed in Iran and faced possible execution because of his Christian activities. On the very day when Iranian officials were to decide his fate, Ayatollah Khomeini died. Amidst the nationwide chaos which followed, our producer was able to escape with his family. Today, as in the Magi’s day, God’s miracles continue!


May more Turkic peoples wisely choose to worship Christ.