Found by Those Who Did Not Seek

Lee DeYoung

READ : Isaiah 65:1-2

Paul, the first century’s great missionary to the nations, helps us interpret these verses from Isaiah’s prophecy. In his letter to the Romans, Paul declares that Isaiah was predicting God’s redemption of all the world’s peoples: “And Isaiah boldly says, ‘I was found by those who did not seek me; I revealed myself to those who did not ask me’” (Rom. 10:20).

Although their ancestors may have failed to pray, or bowed to idols made of wood and stone, all the nations of the world will be baptized and call on the name of the Lord! The initiative will not have been theirs, but rather the rescuing love of a God who seeks them. That’s the gospel He calls us to bring.

Today we conclude our prayers for Sahel African peoples by interceding for the Hausa and Kanuri peoples (of Nigeria and Niger), the Songhai (of Mali and Niger), and the Swahili (of Tanzania, Kenya, and much of East Africa). Islam dominates the religious traditions of each of these ethnic groups.

Missions researcher Patrick Johnstone has added his considerable expertise to this month’s prayer effort, convinced that: “Hundreds of thousands of Christians will start praying for peoples for which they had never prayed before. Out of that will come those who will go to them. And I believe we are going to see great breakthroughs that are going to come as a result of these prayers.” May it be so!


Father, may all peoples be redeemed for Your glory! Amen.