Hand Him the Paddles

Steven Laman

READ : Proverbs 3:1-8

It was early March when my family and I rafted down a snow-melt fed, rushing river. The water was so fast that it crashed us into a tree, and frigid water poured into our raft. Our collision wrenched the paddle from dad’s hands. Fortunately, my brother was able to hold on to his. Mark was left with the difficult job of guiding our raft down the river by himself.

It was extremely hard for him to guide our raft alone with only one paddle. It is just as difficult to maneuver down the river of life by ourselves. When we are the only one paddling, it is almost impossible to keep our paths straight. We are likely to get distracted from the Lord, get tangled in the things of this world, and drift away from our Savior.

Jesus wants to be our guide on the river of life. He alone can keep our life on the straight path. Our Savior is the perfect guide because He knows what is ahead. He knows whether or not we can go through the rapids. Sometimes He will take us through rough waters to strengthen our faith. Other times we will feel Him trying to change our course to keep us out of danger.

We need to acknowledge our faithful Savior and let Him guide our lives. To have Him navigate means we have to trust Him enough to hand Him the paddles. He loves us and will never steer us wrong.


Father in heaven, give us enough faith to hand You the paddles of our lives. In Your Son’s name. Amen.