Light in the Darkness

Steven Laman

READ : Matthew 5:13-16
Luke 8:16-18

Camping along the Snake River in Idaho, my family had an adequate amount of light from our lantern to play games, read, and get ready for bed. Almost every group in the campground had a lantern similar to ours, except for our camping neighbors to the left. We could hear them grumbling and stumbling around in the dark, searching for this and that. Out of the darkness came the words, “We need a light like theirs!”

This incident reminds me that I will never stumble around in spiritual darkness because my Friend is the light of the world. Jesus’ teachings and example are lanterns lighting our path. When we follow Him, He not only lights our way, but He also wants to shine through us. Our job is to reflect His light everywhere we go and to point others toward Him.

The next morning we noticed that our neighbors did have a lantern in a box. They evidently forgot they had brought one! Sometimes our lights are in boxes as well. Sometimes we do not want to be lights to the world. It is easier to keep Jesus hidden than to do what is right or say a good word for Him. Yet, if we do not shine on our neighbors, they will stumble in the dark. Are we going to hide our lights or let them shine so others will see Christ in our lives and praise our Father in heaven?


Light of the World, our world is dark without Your light. Help us to reflect Your light everywhere we go. Amen.