We Cannot Help

Steven Laman

READ : Ephesians 2:1-10

I often feel helpless. This feeling especially comes when I see my parents doing chores that I cannot do. When we finish eating, I watch them clear the table and load the dishwasher. On Saturdays, I would love to mow the lawn, wash the van, or trim the bushes. Sometimes when I see my parents working, I feel guilty that I can’t lend a hand. My parents realize that I do not have the physical ability to do some chores, and they don’t ask me to help. They just do them.

Our heavenly Father knows that we cannot save ourselves. He, therefore, never asks us to help. He sent Jesus to do the saving job for us. It is a free gift! It is all by grace! We don’t have to feel guilty for accepting this greatest gift in the world. The Father loves us and wants us to receive His gift of love.

Even though I can’t help my family with every job, I still want to help where I can. I try to look for ways to show my appreciation for all they do. That’s what we need to do in God’s family too. We cannot help with the saving. But out of gratitude, we can and should do the good works that He has prepared for us. He has created us to share His love, His compassion and especially the good news of His grace. Praise God for His awesome gift of grace!


Thank You, Father, that You sent Jesus to do what we could not do. In return, help us do the good work that You prepared for us. In His name. Amen.