He Will Not Disappoint

Steven Laman

READ : Romans 5:1-11

When I lived in Southern California, a speech pathologist asked me to help her demonstrate one of the latest speech devices on the United Cerebral Palsy telethon. After receiving the machine, I spent hours preprograming it with what I was going to say. On the day of the telethon, I set our VCR to capture my television debut. My mom drove me to the studio where I did the demonstration live on the national broadcast. When I got home, I looked at the tape, but to my dismay the demonstration wasn’t there. It had been replaced by local telethon coverage. What a disappointment!

My experience with the telethon has helped me learn that although this world may disappoint us, God will never do so. Throughout the Old Testament, God promised a Savior. The Israelites might have thought that God had forgotten His promise because the Messiah took so long in coming. Yet, at just the right time, God did send Jesus to fulfill the prophesies.

Since God did not disappoint us in His greatest promise, we can have confidence that He will fulfill His other promises. He has promised to be with us (Matt. 28:20), answer our prayers (Matt. 21:22), and to prepare a place for us in heaven (John 14:2). The Bible is full of a myriad of promises. Aren’t you glad that we serve a God who will not disappoint us?


Father, thank You for fulfilling Your promise to send a Savior. In His name. Amen.