The Ugly Mug

Steven Laman

READ: Genesis 1:26-31
Genesis 3:13-15

On my desk I have an ugly ceramic mug that I use as a pencil holder. This lopsided mug has deep gouges etched into it, with a mixture of yellow and green glaze unevenly painted inside and out. Written on its oversized handle are the initials “S.L.” Why do I keep this ugly mug on my desk? If you haven’t guessed, it is because I made it when I was about seven or eight. After I created it, I really thought it was the best mug that I had ever seen. Now that I am older, I can see it for what it really is ugly.

After God created Adam and Eve, He looked at them and saw that they were very good. Soon, however, Adam and Eve’s sin made them spiritually ugly. God could have crushed them and started over, but He had another plan. Instead, He loved what He had made and promised to make His creation lovely once more. The Creator knew from the beginning that He would send Jesus to crush the power of sin (Gen. 3:15) On the cross, Jesus defeated Satan so that we could be accepted by God again. If we accept what Jesus did for us, the ugliness of our sin is erased and we are covered with Christ’s beauty.

I guess this is why I keep the ugly mug on my desk. It reminds me of the ugliness of my sin, and that, through the blood of Jesus, I am lovely in the eyes of my Creator.


We praise You, Creator, for sending a Savior to make our ugly sin-filled lives acceptable to You again. In His name. Amen.