The Level Highway

Steven Laman

READ : Isaiah 40:1-11

Traveling along the Seward Highway in Alaska on our family vacation, I was amazed at how the work crews were widening the road. A huge backhoe ripped into the face of the hillside and dropped the dirt into a gigantic dump truck. When the truck was full, it went down and dumped its load in the valley to raise it. All this was being done to make the landscape level so two more lanes could be added.

Watching those giant earth movers reminded me of Isaiah’s prophecy of a level highway in the wilderness. Throughout the Old Testament, God prepared a way for His Son to come to earth. He also prepared a level path for us to be saved when He sent Jesus. When we trust Jesus as our Savior, He removes all the mountains and raises up all the valleys along that path. When we sin, we fall into a valley, but Jesus forgives our sins and fills the canyons between us and God. Our Savior also tears down the mountains along the highway. God is holy and perfect and we can never get up to His holy mountain on our own. When we have Jesus in our lives, He levels the road and makes us righteous so we can reach God’s holy mountain.

It will take years and lots of hard work to make the Seward Highway a four-lane level road. Thank God that He has already constructed a level highway for our salvation.


Thank You, Lord, for sending Your Son to prepare a level highway for us to enter heaven. In His name. Amen.