A Better Healing

Steven Laman

READ : Isaiah 53:4-12

“You can be healed!” I heard the televangelist say. “Jesus has taken all your diseases with Him to the cross. You are healed because of what Jesus has done.” I raised my hand toward the screen and believed that I was healed. Slowly I started to get off the couch, believing that I could stand and walk. But when I tried to stand, I fell to my knees as always. I was devastated! Why didn’t the televangelist’s words come true? I believe in Jesus and what He did on the cross.

God graciously helped me not to dwell on that disappointment. Some time after that, I heard a sermon on the radio about Isaiah 53:5 by Dr. Walter Martin, the late founder of the Christian Research Institute. He said one of the most important rules of Scripture reading is context. We have to look at the verse in its context to figure out what the verse means. He explained that the context of Isaiah 53:5 was not physical healing, but spiritual. If we read it in context, it is plain to see that Jesus was punished and crucified so that we could be healed of our sins.

It would be wonderful if Jesus’ crucifixion would guarantee my physical healing, but thank God there is a better healing the healing of our souls. Physical healing would be great, but it would only last a lifetime. Spiritual healing, on the other hand, will last for all eternity.


Thank You, Lord, for sending Your Son to heal our souls so that we can spend eternity with You. In His name. Amen.