Where Are Our Eyes?

Steven Laman

READ : Psalm 25:1-22

I hate to admit it, but when I drive my electric wheelchair my eyes are not always on where I am going. Twice, my wandering eyes got me into real trouble as I drove right off the sidewalk and tipped over. Fortunately, both times someone saw what happened and ran over to help me.

Even as I need to keep my eyes on where I’m going, we as Chris tians need to keep our eyes and thoughts on Jesus. In this Psalm, David mentions some ways to keep our eyes where they need to be. To have our eyes on the Lord, we need to trust in Him (v. 2), be teach able before God (v. 4), and ask for His forgiveness when we are rebellious (v. 7). David knew where he was going. When his son died, David said that someday he would go to be with him in heaven (2 Sam. 12:23). He knew that one day he too would be with God.

It is difficult to keep our eyes on the Lord by ourselves. When I tipped over, I needed other people to pick me up and help me back onto the sidewalk. We often need others to help us keep our eyes on Christ. Other Christians can encourage us, hold us accountable and help us back on the right road when we fall. With the help of others, let’s keep our eyes on Jesus and on our eternal destiny with Him.


Father, help us to always keep our eyes and thoughts on You. Send people to encourage us to keep looking in the right direction. In Christ. Amen.