A Savior Who Carries

Steven Laman

READ : Isaiah 46:3-4
Matthew 11:25-30

A few summers ago we enjoyed a family reunion in Estes Park, Colorado. We spent much time outdoors, surrounded by the majesty of the Rockies. I appreciated the beauty of God’s creation from my wheelchair, but one afternoon I was able to see the mountains up close. As a horse carried me up and down the rugged trails, I was able to see the landscape of the Rockies from a new perspective.

The horse carried me, and I was able to experience something wonderful. In Isaiah 46:4b, God is telling us that He will carry us. He will show us life from a new perspective. He fulfilled that promise by sending Jesus to carry our burden of sin all the way to the cross. Our Lord wants us to saddle Him with our sins and our burdens. Once we have given them to Jesus, we are ready to have Him carry us over the rugged terrain of life. When times of trial or death come, Jesus is there to pick us up and sustain us through that valley of sorrow. Our Lord also carries us to the mountain peaks. He will be right there when there is a birth in the family or any of the other joys of life.

Looking back on my horseback ride, I remember the beauty I saw. When Jesus carries us, life becomes beautiful. Even after this life, He still carries us to a place where He alone can bring us to our glorious new home in heaven.


Thank You, God, for sending a Savior who carries us through life and beyond. In His name. Amen.