Follow That Faith Line

Steven Laman

READ : Hebrews 11:22-40
Hebrews 12:1-3

While rafting down the Snake River a few summers ago, our guide told us the importance of following the foam-line when riding the rapids. The foam-line was a v-shaped line of bubbles in the water. The guide kept the bow of the raft in the center of the “v” because it showed us the best way down the rapids.

In the Christian life, we have a line that shows us the best way to live. It is a line of faithful people. The eleventh chapter of Hebrews lists more than fifteen people who overcame through faith. Their faith was passed down through the generations. Each one of us has our own faith line. It may be that the Christian faith was passed down to you by your parents, grandparents or other family members. Maybe your friends helped you find faith in Christ.

For me, I find my faith line in my family. I am extremely thankful for the people who passed down the knowledge of Jesus’ love to me. Some of my family members continue to show me how to live closely to the Lord. Others have died, and I can imagine them cheering and rooting for me from the grandstands of heaven as I live out my Christian life. Who do you have in your faith line? Is there anyone who is cheering you on from the heavenly grandstands? Let’s praise God for the people who have passed down their faith to us.


We are so grateful, Father, for those who have shared Your love with us. In Jesus’ name. Amen.