The Last Days

Harvey Heneveld

READ : Isaiah 2:1-9

We live in exciting times. Advancements made by modern technology continue to amaze us as they are able to do more and more. We also live in what has been called the “Information Age.” We have access to more information than all previous generations added together. But although our knowledge has increased, our wisdom has not. We must not equate being smart with being wise. Wisdom comes from knowing God and walking in His ways.

Isaiah said that in the “last days” many nations would turn to God, who would teach us His ways. Then we would not only be smart, but wise. The results would be wonderful.

Christ, the wisdom of God, came into our world. He brought us God’s Word. He is God’s Word! He died and rose again. The Word has gone forth from Zion. The gospel is being proclaimed among all nations. Wherever people come to Christ and live in His ways, lives are healed and peace comes. When we turn to Christ we can be wise, as well as smart. We must come to Jesus Christ daily, and He will teach us His ways so that we may walk in His paths.

The last days began when Christ first entered our world. We are now waiting their consummation! In the meantime, we must continue coming to Him so He may teach us more of His ways.


Thank You, Lord, that in these last days the gospel is going forth into all the world. Your Word has also come to us. Amen.