The Sign of God's Presence

Harvey Heneveld

READ : Isaiah 7:10-17

King Ahaz was in trouble. Syria and northern Israel had conspired together to invade Judah, intending to conquer it and divide it among themselves. Ahaz knew he was not strong enough to overcome the combined power of these two nations.

During this crisis, Isaiah assured Ahaz that God was with him and would deliver him from impending destruction. Ahaz did not have enough faith to believe God would save him, or even to ask for a sign of God’s presence. God is so gracious and kind that he saved King Ahaz even though he didn’t really believe in God. The sign of God’s presence and God’s grace for his salvation would be the birth of a child to a young girl, a girl who was known to King Ahaz and who was still a virgin at the time Isaiah spoke to him of these things. Over the next few years God did everything for King Ahaz that He had promised.

When evil threatens, God often intervenes, even when our faith is weak. As God’s children, we live by His love and grace, not by our own virtue or the strength of our own faith. But God wants us to exercise our faith in Him, rather than become terrorized by life’s problems. In Jesus, who was born of a virgin, God is present with us and He intervened to save us from the Evil One. Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through Jesus Christ.


Jesus, our faith is often so weak. Thank You that Your love and grace are greater than our weakness. Amen.