God's Future

Harvey Heneveld

READ : Isaiah 9:1-7

Prophets are allowed to see things not yet present. Through His prophets God reveals His plans so that we may always have hope, in spite of what we may see and experience in our lives.

Long before Christ was born, Isaiah saw a child being born into the human race who was “Mighty God.” He saw God’s people rejoicing in their salvation. He saw all the instruments of violence and war being destroyed. He saw peace without end, and a kingdom of justice and righteousness that lasts forever.

Some of what Isaiah saw has already come to pass. Some of what he saw must still happen. The Child has been born who is “Mighty God.” His name is Jesus. But although He is the Prince of Peace, we still await the time when all the instruments of violence and war are destroyed, and justice and righteousness fill the land. The darkness of sin has been penetrated by the light of Christ’s presence. The rod of Satan, the oppressor, has been broken on the cross. But we still await the final gathering of the harvest and taking full possession of the kingdom.

The prophets told us what God showed them so that we, too, may know what the future holds. Not all we see and experience in life today will last. Be encouraged. The future belongs to God . . . and it is wonderful!


Thank You, Lord, for telling us what the future holds so that we may live with confidence. Cause Your light to shine. Amen.