God is Coming

Harvey Heneveld

READ : Isaiah 35:1-10

Herded along like cattle by their captors, God’s people had to march through barren deserts. Days became weeks, and weeks turned into months as they were taken farther and farther from home. While the tormentors refreshed themselves, they were forced to sit in the desert sun without water. An endless wilderness separated them from the comforts of their home. Their hands were feeble and their hearts fearful.

But for God’s people, no situation in life is hopeless. God is coming! He will save His people! This was the message of hope Isaiah was told to give to God’s people who had been led away into captiv ity. It is a message that was true in the most tangible sense. Israel learned this later when some of those same captives walked back along that same route years later, rejoicing in God as they returned home again.

Israel’s experience also describes our spiritual life. Bondage is spiritual, as well as physical. Parched, lifeless desert also de scribes the human soul dying from sin. But the good news is that God is coming!

God has come to us in Christ. He has provided the way of salva tion. A highway, the “Way of Holiness,” has been opened for us through Christ’s death on the cross. His everlasting life now floods our soul. So, “Be strong, do not fear” for our God has come to redeem us, and is coming again to take us home.


Lord Jesus, thank You for opening the way of salvation to us. We rejoice in the anticipation of entering Zion with singing. Amen.