No Excuses

Harvey Heneveld

READ : Isaiah 30:12-18

Is there anyone who does not know what sin is? There may be times when we do not know whether a particular thing is sin. But I doubt there is anyone who does not know that sin exists in the hearts of people everywhere. Just look at the human condition!

Is there anyone who believes that she or he is sinless? There may be times when we feel we have done some worthy act. But who does not harbor memories of things we have said or done or lusted after or thought about that were obviously sinful?

Our problem is not that we believe we are sinless, or even nearly sinless. Our problem is that we think we have good excuses. “I was really tired at that time.” “I was forced into it.” “I’m not really that way.” “No one was really hurt by it.” Excuses! The human mind has an amazing ability to rationalize!

God doesn’t accept excuses. There is no excuse for sin. Not any sin! No human being was subjected to more temptation to sin than Jesus. Yet He remained sinless, even when they tortured Him, nailed Him naked to a cross, publicly ridiculed Him, and His soul was plunged into the darkness of hell.

What’s your excuse for the sin in your life? Excuses don’t work. There is only one way to deal with our sin. “In repentance and rest is your salvation.” No more excuses! It’s time for confession. Only then comes the joy of forgiveness and cleansing.


Lord, I confess my sin to You.