No Exceptions

Harvey Heneveld

READ : Psalm 53:1-6

Calling for repentance today sounds like a throwback to “old fashioned” times. Many feel we don’t do that anymore. Society does not have an understanding of sin. As a result, many people don’t know what it is to repent. Sin and repentance are related.

Instead, our modern age has come up with many “scientific” expla nations for human behavior that are rooted in psychological, social, even biological factors. None of these penetrates deep enough to reveal the truth about man’s rebellion against a holy God, and the subsequent corruption of man’s heart and soul.

Sin is a condition of the soul that expresses itself in our bodies, minds, emotions and relationships. It is a condition we all have. “God looks down from heaven to see if there are any who seek God. Everyone has turned away, they have all become corrupt” (vv. 2- 3).

Not just “terrible sinners” like drug lords and Mafia hit-men need to repent. I need to repent. You need to repent. Everyone needs to come humbly before the Lord and repent of the sin that has become so much a part of our nature that much of the time we don’t even recog nize it. One of the signs that we need to repent is when we think: “I don’t need to repent.”

In Christ, salvation has come forth out of Zion. God forgives all who repent and believe in Him.


Jesus, it’s easier for us to see sin in others than in ourselves. Show us our sin, that we may repent and rejoice in Your mercy. Amen.