No Pretending

Harvey Heneveld

READ : Isaiah 58:1-9

Our house was new when we first purchased it. But after nearly seventeen years, and raising three children, it was obvious the carpet needed to be replaced. Parts along the wall and spots here and there still looked good. But you can’t replace parts of an old carpet. It all has to be ripped up and thrown out.

When I began to tear out the old carpet I was shocked at what I found. Not only was the top of the carpet worn; I found all kinds of dirt under the carpet. Some of this dirt had penetrated through from the topside and became lodged underneath. No amount of steam cleaning would have gotten rid of it. I also discovered lots of dirt that was there from the beginning. The floor had not been cleaned before the carpeting was laid. Neither the original dirt, nor the dirt that penetrated all the way through, was visible before the carpet was torn up. But it was there.

The Bible points out that even though we may “seem eager to know God’s ways,” or “seem eager for God to come near,” God knows what’s underneath, hidden in our hearts. God is anxious to answer when we call and come near when we need help. But the hidden things of our hearts often keep us from Him.

To repent means to rip up the old carpet, to open ourselves to God so that even the secrets of our hearts are revealed. Then let Christ come and make us clean.


We are good at pretending to be good, Lord. But our sins are not hidden from You. Jesus, come and make us clean. Amen.