One More Powerful

Harvey Heneveld

READ : Luke 3:10-20

We will soon observe one of the two most significant events in the history of the universe. Christ’s death-resurrection is one of these important events. The other is the incarnation we celebrate at Christmas. The Almighty Creator of the universe took our human nature upon Himself, was born of a woman and came to us in the man known as Jesus.

When John the Baptist was most popular, many people wondered if he was the Messiah. John made it clear that he was not the Messiah. “One more powerful than I will come,” John said. John’s words couldn’t have been more true! It was not long before Jesus also began to preach and teach. Word soon spread and Jesus became very popular among the people. When John’s disciples saw how popular Jesus was becoming, they asked John about it. John willingly relinquished his position to Jesus. “He must increase,” John said, “and I must de crease.”

Jesus is more powerful than anyone. Only when we recognize this, and humble ourselves before Him, do we begin to understand the truth that sets us free from the lies and deceptions Satan uses to keep us under his power. All sinful human pride must be surrendered to Jesus. Jesus didn’t go around saying, “Hi, I’m God.” But that does not mean He isn’t!


Jesus, You are more powerful than I or anyone else on earth, or in heaven. And You love us with perfect love. Thank You for the joy You give us when we surrender our wills to Yours. Amen.