To Whom Can You Compare Jesus?

Harvey Heneveld

READ : Isaiah 46:1-10

Isaiah lived at a time when it was common for people to make images out of wood or precious metals, and then worship them as gods. They could set them where they wanted them. They could carry them around. They could see and touch their gods. In many places today people still make and worship images that they can see and touch and carry around.

We may scoff at such behavior. But many, who would never own an idol, do own or strive to own things made of wood or precious metals that are invested with great value. Then we put them on display or carry them around with us. The priority we give to these material objects can begin to shape our lives and determine our behavior. When material things define who we are, they have become our idols, whether we call them that or not.

God is not like the idols we make for ourselves. He can’t be placed on our mantels or carried in our hands. “To whom will you compare me or count me equal?” says the Lord. God is who He says He is, not what we try to make Him into. When He came into His world, He came, not as we would expect, demanding servitude, but with humility, purity and love.

Are there possessions you have allowed to become your idols? Are there things you are striving to own that have taken priority over your worship of God?


Thank You, Lord, that You do not live in wood or stone, but in human hearts surrendered to You. Amen.