Fall at His Feet

Harvey Heneveld

READ : Revelation 1:9-18

When John turned to see who was speaking to him, what he saw was so awesome that his instinctive response was to bow down and worship Him. “When I saw him,” John said, “I fell at his feet.”

We have seen amazing special effects in the movies. Today’s technology can produce images that are breathtaking. But neither Steven Spielberg nor all of Hollywood’s special-effects wizards could produce what John saw when he beheld Jesus in His glory.

Nothing can compare to the glory of Jesus Christ. John tried to describe what he saw using human words. His voice was like the sound of rushing water. Think of standing near a mighty waterfall. Although it is loud, the sound of the rushing water does not cause pain to the ears. It just surrounds you! Eyes like blazing fire and His face like the brilliance of the sun. Holding seven stars in His right hand. Let your imagination see the incredible beauty John saw.

There was not only beauty there; there was also power. Perhaps it is a reaction to an overly severe picture of God that was presented in the past that our generation has tended to portray Jesus as gentle and non-intimidating. But we must never reduce Jesus to less than who He is: “The image of the invisible God” (Col. 1:15). It is appropri ate that we rejoice in His glory, as well as recognize and worship His eternal power and majesty. We, too, must fall at His feet.


With glad hearts we worship You, Lord Jesus Christ! Amen.