Don't Let Questions Stop You

Harvey Heneveld

READ : Matthew 11:1-10

While John was in prison he heard all kinds of reports about Jesus. Rather than rely on rumors, John sent some of His disciples directly to Jesus to ask Jesus his questions. Jesus invited John’s messengers to stay with Him for a while and then report back to John what they themselves heard and saw.

Everybody has some questions about Jesus. Even John did. There are some things about Jesus that are hard to understand, such as the virgin birth, His divine and human natures, His miracles, even some of His teachings. Thomas refused to believe Jesus rose from the dead until he saw Him and touched Him.

Jesus did not tell John that his questions were inappropriate, especially for one whom God had called to be a mighty prophet! Jesus was not offended by John’s questions. Nor is He offended by your questions or mine.

We are mistaken if we think that to have faith means that we will not have questions. Faith does not rule out honest searching ques tions. Faith invites them. Then it takes us beyond them to the person of Jesus Himself. Like John’s disciples, Jesus invites us not only to hear with others say about Him but to stay with Him and see and hear and know Him ourselves.


Thank You, Jesus, that You understand and accept our ques tions. But take us beyond our questions into the joy and wonder of Your presence. Amen.