Expect the Unexpected

Harvey Heneveld

READ : 2 Samuel 7:1-17

David wanted to increase God’s stature by building God a house that would enhance God’s honor. Even Nathan the prophet thought that was a good idea. While David’s intentions may have been good, God had to remind him that God’s greatness was not increased by what David thought he could do for Him.

Rather than David enhancing God’s stature, God would enhance David’s stature. Rather than David establishing God’s honor in the eyes of men, God would establish David’s honor in the eyes of men. Rather than David building God a house, God would build David a house. Rather than David assuring God’s reign, God assured David’s throne forever.

Jesus, the Son of God and descendant of David, came to this earth, lived among us, and now reigns forever! God establishes us. We do not establish God! Any time we think we have God in our debt, or that He needs us, or that we can increase who He is, God corrects us in surprising ways. He shows us that He provides all things for us, and that He establishes us through the riches of His glory given to us through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Have you thought to increase the Lord’s stature by doing something for Him? Rather, thank God for taking you into His family and in creasing your stature.


We praise You, Father, not because You need it, but because we need to give it to You. You have given us Your Son, and thereby have lifted us into the glory of being Your children. Amen.