God Even Surprises the Angels

Harvey Heneveld

READ : Luke 2:8-14
1 Peter 1:3-12

God is holy, merciful, all-powerful and loving. He is also end lessly creative. Even the angels don’t know what God is going to do next! Speaking of what God did in Christ for our salvation, Peter said “even angels long to look into these things.”

When Jesus was born, God sent an angel to tell the shepherds about it. But every angel in heaven who was not assigned another task came over to see what God was doing. I believe that when the Bible says “suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel,” this was a spontaneous gathering of heavenly beings who wanted to see what God was up to. It wasn’t only angels who gathered around to see. It was the “heavenly host.” That means all kinds of heavenly beings: seraphim and cherubim.

God is never boring. Those who think He is, don’t know Him very well. After all, who thought up the universe? The more we know God, the more we learn how creative He is. When we pray, we can be sure that God hears us. But we can never be sure how God will answer us! When we run out of answers, or find ourselves between a rock and a hard place, God is never without answers, nor is He ever between a rock and a hard place. God is never over a barrel.

No matter what your circumstances in life may be, stay faithful to God and He will surprise you.


With the angels, Lord God, we stand in awe of how creative and loving You are. Amen.