God Can Use Anyone

Harvey Heneveld

READ : Luke 2:1-7

We are reading this chapter backwards, but I wanted us to see the angels before we considered Caesar. Yesterday we were reminded that God is creative. Today we see that He can use anyone to further His purposes, even a man like Caesar who had achieved all the trappings of success and power. But it was only the appearance of power and the illusion of success. God, not Caesar, was arranging human history. The roads Caesar built throughout his empire to carry his armies became the highways over which the message of the gospel was carried. The peace Caesar imposed on the world provided opportunity for the gospel to spread around the world.

Caesar issued a decree. As a result, in a small village a thousand miles away, a carpenter and his young bride set out on a journey to Bethlehem, and Christ the Savior was born in a stable in Bethlehem, just as God had foretold. Caesar’s name is but a memory from the past, an object of curiosity to historians. But the name of Jesus is spoken in worship, prayer and praise by multitudes still today.

God is the Lord of history. He is involved in the actions of kings and nations, as well as families and individuals. Hindsight shows us that God can use the least likely people to fulfill His eternal purposes. If God could use Caesar, He can also use you and me.


Lord, we want our lives to be useful to You. Though we may not always know how, use us. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.