Joy Is Complete Only When it Is Shared

Harvey Heneveld

READ : Luke 2:13-20

I was a child when I first heard the explanation of “JOY” as: Jesus first, Others second, then Yourself. In the years since, I have seen how true that is.

Joy is not a straight line that runs only between Jesus and me, or Jesus and you. It also connects us with others. Joy is a triangle that connects Jesus to you, you to others, and others to Jesus and you. Like a triangle, joy is not complete until we share it.

We see this clearly in the experience of the shepherds. First they hurried off to find Jesus. When they had seen Him, they spread the word about Him to others. Then they returned singing and praising God, filled with joy. The joy they received from being with Jesus was completed when they shared it with others.

When something great happens to you, the first thing you want to do is tell someone else. If you can’t tell anyone, you’re frustrated. But when you can share it with others, your heart overflows with joy!

That’s how it is with the things of God. As long as we focus only on “Jesus and Me” we will never experience the full measure of joy God wants us to have. This applies to every area of life, from the financial resources Jesus gives us, to words of love. The joy we have in life is directly related to how much we share with others what Jesus gives to us.


Lord Jesus, motivate us to share with others all that You have given to us, so that our joy may be full. Amen.