God's Timing Is Perfect

Harvey Heneveld

READ : Matthew 2:13-23

After the Magi left, Joseph must have gone to bed apprehensively. The Magi said they had been to Herod before they came to them. That meant Herod knew about their son. They were not safe. What should he do? Where could they go? Joseph fell into a troubled sleep. Then in his dream an angel told him to take Mary and the child and go to Egypt. NOW!

Joseph whispered to Mary to wake up. In the darkness they gathered their belongings. In the middle of a dark night a young couple cradling a baby in their arms quietly walked down the deserted street on the way out of town. They took the road going southwest, toward Egypt. No one saw them leave.

The next morning, while Bethlehem was awaking from its sleep, soldiers from Herod arrived. Kicking open doors, they forced their way into every house searching for baby boys. While mothers screamed in horror and fathers were restrained by strong men with swords, babies were skewered on the ends of lances. The slaughter continued until not a baby boy was left.

Except one. The One whose life was spared that day would later give His life on a cross, and so fulfill God’s perfect plan of salvation. God’s timing is always perfect. God’s plans can never be thwarted. Praise God that no evil can prevail over God’s plan for our salvation. The cross was Satan’s ultimate defeat.


Thank You, Father, that no evil can prevail over Your love, In Jesus Christ. Amen.