What's Really Important?

LeRoy Koopman

READ : John 5:10-18

The religious leaders of Jesus’ day were angry because: (1) a former cripple was carrying his sick mat on the Sabbath, and (2) Jesus had performed a miracle on the Sabbath. Were they right? Note the contrast between the religious leaders and Jesus:

One emphasized rules; the other people.

One emphasized obedience to the law; the other compassion.

One was concerned about the system; the other about the welfare of human beings.

Andy Jones returns from a Promise Keepers rally vowing to live in faithfulness to his wife and to be reconciled with a person of another race. But some church friends claim that one speaker has doctrinal deficiencies.

Loretta Osgood goes forward at an evangelistic crusade. Her pastor is miffed. “You were baptized as a baby,” he says, “why did you feel you had to go forward? It’s an insult to our church!”

Bill Andrews volunteers at a hospice, taking care of dying AIDS patients. “Don’t you realize,” asks an elder of his church, “that you are condoning the homosexual lifestyle?”

What do you think Jesus would say in those situations?


Father, in my zeal to maintain good theology and good church practice, may I never forget to be compassionate. In Jesus’ name.