We Will All Hear a Voice

LeRoy Koopman

READ : John 5:25-29

We hear voices. A baby hears a mother’s voice and responds with a smile. A murderer hears voices urging him to kill. A bird watcher hears the chirp of a yellow speckled warbler while others are hearing only sirens and traffic. A small boy about to pocket a candy bar hears his conscience speaking.

We will all at one point, says this passage, hear the voice of the Son of God, announcing the end of the age.

For some, this voice will be like the voice of a rescuer in the woods, or the voice of a friend on the phone, or the voice of a mother announcing dinner. For others, the unexpected voice of Christ will be like the sound of a buzzer at the end of a basketball game when you’re far behind.

For some, perhaps most, the voice will come after death. For others, the voice of Christ will come while they are living, perhaps while they are shopping, or driving, or shaving, or studying.

The question is this: will you dread Christ’s voice or will you welcome it? Will it be for you the voice of condemnation or the voice of acceptance? Will the voice announce death or will it announce life?


Father, help me to prepare for the time when I will hear the voice of Christ announcing the end of this age. In his name.