This Little Light of Mine

LeRoy Koopman

READ : John 5:30-38

The testimony of John the Baptist fell short of the testimony of Christ himself(v. 36). After all, John was the messenger, not the Messiah.

But in his role of messenger, John performed brilliantly. “John,” said Jesus, “was a burning and shining lamp” (v. 35).

It’s a worthy goal for any of us to be a lamp that is “burning and shining.”

Lamps should burn. That’s what lamps are for. But sometimes lamps go out. They run out of fuel. Or they are not lit in the first place. Or they are stashed away in the closet or on a shelf in the garage to be used for emergencies only. Some lamps don’t stay lit when the wind blows.

Christ places value on lamps that are lit, that have fuel for the journey, that are kept in public view, and that are able to withstand the breezes and storms of life.

The purpose of lamps, of course, is not to draw attention to themselves. Lamps are there to illuminate the room, to show the way, to shine on faces, to enable us to see around us even in the midst of darkness.

When there is darkness, when there are storms, our world needs lamps lamps like John the Baptist and like us who will shine like the face of Jesus Christ.


Lord, I want to be a lamp that is “burning and shining.” Amen.