Understanding the Possibilities

LeRoy Koopman

READ : John 6:1-9

“But what are they among so many people?” (v. 9) asked the disciples.

The close followers of Jesus were talking, of course, about the picnic lunch that a boy had taken along when he tagged along with the huge crowd to hear Jesus. We know the answer to the disciples’ question.

Have you asked similar questions?

“What good will one volunteer tutor do?

“What will a few dollars in the collection plate accomplish?”

“The corruption in my company is so widespread and on such high levels. What could I possibly do to change that?”

“Sure, we could give a bag of groceries to the food pantry, but how many people could that feed?”

“Why should I stay in school, when it’s so hard for me to learn?”

“So many kids are picking on the new kid in my class. What good would it do to eat lunch with her?”

“What is a picnic lunch among so many?”

In the hands of Jesus, enormous!


Open our eyes, Lord, to your compassionate power when resources seem too small. Amen.