The Bread of Life

LeRoy Koopman

READ : John 6:47-59

“I am,” said Jesus, “the bread of life” (v. 48).

Bread is a staple. It may be made of barley, corn, wheat, oats, rye or other grain. It may be round, cylindrical or flat. It may be white, brown, yellow or black. It may be hard or soft. It may be baked, boiled or fried. It may be made in a bakery, cottage, restaurant, jungle or desert.

Bread is an apt symbol of our universal need for bodily nourishment. Bread is basic. If people do not have bread, they die.

What bread is for the body, Jesus is for the soul. It’s as simple as that. Without bread, the body will die. Without Christ, the soul will die.

The “bread of life” exceeds the value of barley or wheat bread. Baker’s bread has strict limitations. Bread is only a temporary cure for hunger. Bread fulfills only some of our needs, never all. One can have more than enough to eat, and yet feel empty inside. One can top the scales and still be starving.

The people in that huge crowd fed by Jesus would soon be hungry again. Only those who believe in Christ for more than a picnic lunch receive life with staying power. Receive the free bread by faith that feeds your inner being! That bread sustains the life that never ends.


Thank you, Father, not only for our daily bread, but also for that true bread that sustains our souls. In Jesus’ name.