Never Has Anyone Spoken Like This

LeRoy Koopman

READ : John 7:45-52

The religious leaders were frustrated. They sent law officers to arrest Jesus. They came back empty-handed. When asked for the reason, the police said helplessly, “Never has anyone spoken like this!” (v. 46).

Now two thousand years later, billions of people have lived, and died. Has anyone spoken like Jesus?

Holy men have introduced rules, rituals, holy books, theologies, social structures, initiation ceremonies and taboos. But never has anyone spoken like this.

Philosophers have taught behaviorism, dialectical materialism, determinism, humanism, pragmatism, idealism, Darwinism, realism, naturalism, existentialism, anarchism, asceticism, empiricism, utilitarianism, dynamism, fascism, logical positivism and a host of other isms, but never has anyone spoken like this.

Hundreds of self-help books are published each year, telling us how to be confident, successful, thin, rich, fulfilled, famous, satisfied, muscular, happy, sexy, secure, healthy, popular, smart, glamorous and handsome. But never has anyone spoken like this.

Famous preachers have gained huge followings, built lavish churches, established colleges and theme parks, and achieved impressive television ratings.

No, never has anyone spoken like this! So listen to him. Really listen.


Lord, we have heard the words of Jesus yet fail to realize how unique and revolutionary his teachings are.