The Hunger That Will Always Be Satisfied

David Bast

READ : Matthew 5:6

“You are what you eat.” That was originally said by a German. It is even more clever in that language because it makes a pun: Man ist was er isst.

What is true for our bodies is also true for our spirits. Our souls take on the characteristics of the things we feed them. If you starve yourself spiritually, consuming a steady diet of television entertainment, tabloid papers, popular magazines, and trivial conversations that never go beyond the latest sports scores or celebrity gossip, your soul will shrink and you will become a smaller and shallower person.

But if you are hungry for spiritual truth, if you think and speak about the things of God, if you feed on his Word, then you will grow and flourish. You will become a better person, healthier and truly human.

Jesus promises that the desire for God and his right ways is the one kind of hunger that will always be satisfied. Everyone who longs for personal holiness, social justice and for the very presence of God will be filled, once and forever.

One final thought. If you and I are truly hungry and thirsty for what is right, we won’t just sit back and wait for it to be served up to us. We will be actively seeking it and doing it each day of our lives.


Father, may your righteous will be done here on earth as it is in heaven. Through Christ we pray. Amen.