How to Get into Heaven

David Bast

READ : Matthew 7:13-23

In the interest of health and safety, the government requires warnings to be attached to dangerous products. No one can force us to heed them, but even if we ignore them, they still serve a purpose. Warnings leave people without excuse.

Jesus also issues some serious warnings. One is about choosing the narrow gate and the difficult road. Jesus is talking here about the decision first to believe in him (he is the gate), and then to follow him (the road is the way of discipleship).

Isn’t this terribly intolerant? Isn’t it much kinder, much more respectful, to say that people can choose whatever way they want? Shouldn’t they have the right to follow their own beliefs, their own pathway? Doesn’t life contain many different roads to God? Isn’t it arrogant of Christians to insist that ours is the only true way?

But remember, we aren’t saying this. Jesus, the Son of God, is! According to him, all religions don’t lead to the same place. Going to heaven isn’t like going to Rome (“All roads lead to Rome”). Only one way leads to God. It is the way of faith in Christ. The others may look very promising and be thronged with devoted followers, but they turn out to be dead-ends!


Lord, help me to walk the difficult path of discipleship. Let me not be just a hearer, but a doer of your word. Amen.