Has God said,"You shall not eat from the tree of the Garden"?

Richard Huls

READ : Genesis 3:1-7

Did you ever wonder who asked the first God- doubting question on earth? In this Bible reading we have the answer. It was the serpent. What is behind this question? Where does it lead? Its purpose is to create doubt. The question asked by the serpent seeks to create distrust in Eve’s mind. “Did God say, or do you think God really meant what he said?” That is the method of Satan. Eve knew what God had said. She answered immedi ately. There is a strategy in the serpent’s ques tion. It is to create doubt.

Once doubt is created as to the truth of God’s Word, the door is open against God. The tempter uses this strategy over and over again. His method is to get us to question the authority of God and then go against it. He often asks us: Are the Ten Commandments necessary? Did God actually inspire the Bible? Is Jesus Christ the only way to forgiveness and the Kingdom of God? His purpose is to cause us to question the moral and ethical rules set forth in the Bible by asking, “Do you really think God means what he says?” To question God and his Word is to give the tempter an open door into our minds and hearts. During Lent we can learn much about a greater commitment to Christ by seeing how the devil works.


God in heaven, help us to accept and believe your Word. In Christ’s name. Amen.