"Why are you angry? And why has your countenance fallen?"

Richard Huls

READ : Genesis 4:1-7

“Why,” asks God, “are you so mad, Cain, and what’s that long sour look on your face all about?” Isn’t it strange that God would come to Cain with this question? After all, God had rejected his offering. Surely, God knew he would react negatively.

This reaction to rejection, defeat or failure can be devastating. It happens all the time. In homes, it is one child excelling over another and receiving praise from the parents. In school, it is one student getting A’s and the other a C or F. In church, it is one person being praised for a job well done and someone else being overlooked.

What should our attitude be? We may not have done our best and we know it. There is also a possibility we did our work for self-honor. No one wants to praise a person whose goal is self and not God. When we feel no one sees, recognizes, or praises our deeds while others are getting all the honor, we should react positively by congratulating the one praised as Paul said, “Rejoice with those who rejoice” (Rom. 12:15). The sooner we move beyond our own feelings of disappointment and instead affirm others, the sooner we will improve conditions in our homes, schools, businesses, and our churches also!PRAYER

Lord, help us do our best in all things and know that is sufficient. Amen.