"What is this that you have done to me?"

Richard Huls

READ : Genesis 12:10-20

The question today is asked out of anger and bitterness on the part of Pharaoh because Abraham put him in a very damaging position before God. Abraham lied to Pharaoh about Sarah by saying his wife was his sister. Abraham was afraid that Pharaoh would kill him and take his wife to add to his harem. So Abraham asked Sarah to say she was his sister. The truth is Sarah was Abraham’s half-sister.

We all need to ponder this question because of the influence of our lives upon others. We are affecting people every day. In fact, the outcomes of what we are doing to others are being brought to courtrooms, be it a child molestation case of years ago, a deformed or ill-affected child due to drug or cigarette usage, or a psychologically handicapped person because of parental neglect.

While we might feel that what we do is our own personal business, the world is telling us that our actions have a ripple effect for years. Christians are called to do only those things which will build and increase positive factors in a person’s life. Instead of people saying, “What have you done to me?” in a negative way, let us pray they will say, “Thank God that you have been a wonderful influence in my life.”


God in heaven, we seek help to do always what brings blessings upon others. In Christ’s name. Amen.