O Lord God, what will you give me?"

Richard Huls

READ : Genesis 15:1-6

When God speaks to Abraham about a reward, Abraham asks “What will you give me?” God promised that he would have a child, but no child had come. Abraham was distressed. When life is not rewarding us according to God’s promises, we wonder and ask, “God, what will you do for me?”

Such a question can be asked by a parent who has a rebellious child. Prayer, pleading and discipline do not seem to help. Will God give that child a responsive heart? A spouse might wonder if God is going to bring back a mate who has been unfaithful or neglectful of family responsibilities. The promise of God to honor a prayer of blessing in a wedding may be questioned if a marriage relationship sours. Sickness annoys a person who wants desperately to be well. “God,” we ask, “what will you give me?”

For all who ask this question, there are certain truths we can learn from Abraham. God’s timing is different than ours. We see this in the life of Christ. He prayed that God would deliver him from the cross. Yet, it was not to be. God often works differently than we expect. His ways are “past finding out” (Rom. 11:33). When God was ready to fulfill his promise to Abraham, he did. He does the same for us.


Lord, we believe your promises. Teach us patience and understanding as we wait for you to act. Amen.