"Is anything too difficult for the Lord?"

Richard Huls

READ : Genesis 18:9-15

We have been considering the question of what is possible with God. The way we answer this question is by looking at ways God shows us his power. He has created the world with all of its resources and given us the ability to utilize those resources. Can we perform our own miracles? Sometimes! We work with God through his power in the created world. We should place God in the center of our discoveries and inventions. To praise him for it all is to do him justice.

Where Abraham and Sarah had a problem was not in marriage or love, but rather in natural childbearing. At this point God asks the question after Sarah’s laughter about bearing a child in her old age. God steps in and says that he can cooperate with the laws of nature and produce a child even though the persons involved are beyond child-bearing age.

We too should remember God’s possibilities when we feel powerless. Let’s wait on God, seeking him out, searching for solutions to life’s problems. Even when we feel all the odds are against us, God asks us, “Is there anything too difficult for me?” Jesus constantly tells his disciples about God’s power. He feeds the hungry, heals the sick, raises the dead, stills the sea and empowers believers to do even more.


Lord in heaven, we praise you for showing us you have power over the impossibilities of life. Amen.