"What have you done to us?"

Richard Huls

READ : Genesis 20:1-9

In our reading today, we have a similar question to the one asked by Pharaoh, only this time by Abimelech, the king of Gerar.

Let’s listen to the king speak to us! To burden other people with not only the consequences of our bad behavior but also the judgment of God is a terrible thing. It is possible for us to do that. To cause another to sin by our leading them into temptation, by provoking them to anger, by neglecting and rejecting their needs, are reasons for all of us to examine what we do to others.

This is all the more reason for parents to give time, love and discipline to their children, protecting them from falling into sin. It is also a warning to churches that give priority to an impressive, showy style while not providing adequate ministry and recreational resources for youth and adults to resist temptation. Each of us must listen to the cry of Abimelech lest his words condemn us now and in the final day of judgment, “What have you done to bring this sin upon us?”


Lord, help me never to be guilty of leading others into sin. Amen.