"Why is this happening to me?"

Richard Huls

READ : Genesis 25:19-26

When good things happen to us, do we ever wonder why there are also complications? Consider the life of Rebekah. She wanted children, but could not have them. Isaac, her husband, prayed for her to conceive and she did (v. 21). However, in the midst of her joy, there was a struggle going on within her. The writer tells us it was the struggle of the babies. Did Rebekah know she was carrying twins? Apparently not.

It is not uncommon for us that blessings have problems connected with them. People pray for children. But, when children come as God’s blessings there are often many burdens that accompany them. Marriages are thought to be made in heaven but, sad to say, many end in misery. At times people pray for riches only to find their riches rob them of their best friends, humility and genuineness.

Even Jesus found this to be true. In bringing the kingdom of God to earth he experienced rejection, betrayal and crucifixion. While blessings came so did struggle. Is this bad? Does it mean we should not pray for the blessings of God? Not at all. It is good, however, to realize that with blessings come responsibilities, accountability and stress.


Father in heaven, help us to accept the struggles that come with our blessings. In Christ’s name. Amen